Fascist Winter, Shambhala Spring

Back in Brooklyn.  The winter here was extraordinary while I was away.  There were times when I was in Mongolia when the temperatures in Ulaanbaatar and NYC overlapped.  Some wondered whether weather warfare might be at play, myself included.  My Russian and Mongolian friends wondered more openly, uninhibited by the social prohibition against “conspiracy theories”.  Russians know what is going on.  They aren’t shy about digging in and finding things out.  They call things as they see them.  Americans are caught in mid-lie and so, therefore, cannot now call anything as it is.  They fear all the bad karma they have accrued.  But they also fear the NSA and the regime of Hope and Change.  Even the anti-war movement has fallen into sleep-walking state.  At present, the fear of not being able to carry through any longer with the lie is too unbearable.  And no alternatives are being explored in the social arena. The risk to the fragile Empire too great.  The sacred empire must be maintained at any cost!  But to the planet’s free-thinkers it has become obvious that the greatest source of human misery is the Anglo-American Nazi cabal–the mercenary/banker/coke-head alliance with a declared program of depopulation.  Weather warfare could very well be used to apply pressure on the US to purge itself of the fascist, criminal faction.  Russia has this capability.  China has the power to apply irresistible economic pressures.  It may take a world of pressure to purge this dangerous fascist clique.

The BRICS alliance is quite prepared to accept a reformed US.  Will the American people be made aware that a future of cooperation awaits them, an evolutionary future?  Or will corporate media continue to make them believe that they face a choice between hegemony and destruction? 

Russophobia has never looked more irrational, like a drug-induced paranoia. 

It is as though Americans are staring into an abyss.  But let us look into this abyss. It is an abyss of truth and togetherness, of progress!  An abyss of joy!  Unity!  True development!  The world wishes to move forward!  Why does the American wish to hold back?–to dig in its steel claws, refusing to budge.  Can we not heed the call to unity?  Do we not imagine that we would have much to contribute?  Do we not know that we have far more than guns or butter?  We have dynamism.  We are propellers, driving the human mission.   Americans love to innovate.  With the criminals out of the way, the gift of American innovation could supply the new era with tremendous brilliance!  The abyss that the corporate media has taught Americans to fear (the abyss in which the US would not reign supreme) is analogous to the addict’s fear of not getting drugs.  So, indeed, America truly has nothing to fear and everything to gain.  Increasingly, America’s security concern is being recognized as hysteria.  So, whereas the rational world sees possibilities, the American has been taught to see doom and diminution.  As with the drug addict, there is a fear of being subsumed in a larger order if it implies the loss of ersatz control.  It should probably not surprise us that the opium trade continues to figure prominently in the funding of the crime syndicate that runs the global financial system from London/Wall Street.  Its power literally resides in the power of chemical addiction!  It leverages the frightening underworld of drives and fears to pursue its fascist program.

 What we need is to jump into the abyss!  The abyss is joy itself. 

Do sane people believe that there could be any other way besides rational cooperation?  There never has been. But fascism has been at war with cooperation and sanity since the Edwardian era.  Since the early 20th century it has been a global showdown between financialization and real production.  Wall Street/London fascists have organized a powerful network of control.  The spirit of life must respond!  It must respond with a judicious show of force and with powerful alternatives. 

The drug addict believes that monomania can replace a balanced existence.  This never ends well. The addict must sometimes be restrained–especially when unnecessary collective risks are incurred.

The world is tired of “death-by-America”.  Interesting new deals are being investigated.  Partnerships are being formed that will circumvent Anglo-America.  Powerful new Asian development banks will impart new values to the global economic system.  I am hopeful that these new values will have nothing in common with IMF conditionalities.  There are many signs now that the daring hopes of the compassionate dreamers will light the new dawn.  There is more than enough strength in Russia, more than enough passion in China.

New dawn!  Not a cheap Nazi device!  Not the kind of thing easily concocted by Soros and Wall Street.  This real, actual new dawn will ignite spiritual and scientific revolutions. The new dawn brings new combinations of human talents.  This is the dawn that is coming despite the mercenaries, the CIA funny money and the nuclear blackmail.  This is the longed-for escape from the lethal clutches of oligarchy.  And it is a spiritual/psychological escape from the enfeebled clutches of Western consumerism, which might be embodied in the form of the junkie–if positing a new Jungian archetype (The Junkie) seems useful here.

The allure of debt is less lustrous than ever.  Debt-based money is underwritten not by law but by the changeable machinations of oligarchs who, like the casino, can never lose. The people see this with increading clarity and are turned off!  The dream–the dream of eternally lustrous debt–demoralized the global society, which, like an addict, pursued immediate and non-constructive payoff, declining to reflect on the longer term goal of development or on such basics as production and innovation.  Consumerism hid the truth, doing so in order to survive, the way a junkie must hide from the truth in order to survive psychologically The inconvenient tragedies could be downplayed by the semi-coherent (and now completely incoherent) media spectacle.  The carnival of television and Hollywood has been a mental prison, a psy-ops ward, one that has held the American psyche within the corporate constraints. Eventually, the truth became unknowable–after we were entrained to avoid it.  Recently, it has become irrelevant in the way that truth eventually becomes irrelevant to the junkie.

It is possible now to hide the truth in plain sight.  The junkie won’t go near it.  The lie is so much more attractive anyway.  But notice: the big lie becomes more absurd by the week.  The pretenses of freedom are wearing thin and are obediently cast off by an American society that seems eager to put on an orange jumpsuit.  The successful “capitalists” have already “made it.”  The oligarchs have closed the hatch behind them, unconcerned that justice might be seeking them and unconcerned for the poor idiots whose prospects have been raided. 

The capitalist program has been shut down. Those who could sign up, did so some time ago.  But now the lower ranks are being thinned by killer cuts, genocidal austerity.  A synthetic cold wind of economic desolation blasts into town just as the beast is breathing its last. 

This killer wind . . .

The cold and criminal contagion that is devastating Ukraine at a frightening pace is the poisonous economic frost breathed forth by the IMF, followed up by the chilling spectacle of mercenaries and useful psychotics.  It is estimated that the IMF and the World Bank have caused the deaths of some 40 million in the past five decades.  Malthusian economics.  No wonder the IMF has partnered so expeditiously with Nazis in Ukraine! Institutionalized genocide and thuggery have long worked well together.  The fascist, who recoils at life and seeks everywhere to subvert truth, has long argued that the ends justify the means.  It is pointless to argue with someone who has announced they have dispensed with reason.  One can pity them.  But one must be prepared to fight them. 

(Noteworthy: the puzzled desperation lurking behind the theatrical facade of fascism.  There is a kind of disconnect, a bafflement: “Life must not be so . . . !”  is the source of the torment.  And yet Life most decidedly IS so: requiring nuanced thought, nonideological reasoning, the suspension of prejudice, a commitment to truth, preservation!  It requires acknowledging that which is most frightening to a fascist: life on life’s terms.  The fascist’s essential character is that of the megalomaniac who seeks to subjugate the entire natural order for the sake of the fearful ego, defending this position by pointing out that fascism has already succeeded in propelling the disenfranchised from the level of human garbage to that of glorified thugs. The fascist becomes useful to the  criminal cartel and from this derives a monstrous pride.)

Back in Brooklyn.  Mongolia protects me by remote forces.  I recall the tremendous personal strength and gentleness that I felt in the presence of His Eminence Zava Damdin Rinpoche.  What a wonderful privilege (and responsibility) it was to be invited to dinner at his house just outside Ulaanbaatar, with his family and close friends!  It is our great intent at the Roerich Bira Foundation to connect with the deep spiritual sources he embodies, to join them with the engines of development, to awaken the full progressive spirit of humankind!  His Eminence’s spirit is emblematic of the wondrous reserve of psychic energy that seem to overflow everywhere in Mongolia.  Cool, focused, creative, generous and with the urgent drive to uplift, to illuminate. To proceed with a joyous rationality! 

Shambhala is my refuge.  It is a refuge that unfolds, expands.  Every act of kindness, every inspiration brings Shambhala nearer, enlarges it, brings us strength and clarity.  The sky, the earth, fellow life forms: we are collaborators.  Every agent of goodwill is an agent of Shambhala.  We, the emanations of the one holy principle: the principle of unity.  We take possession of all vital resources–preeminently among them, the gift of imagination!   Let us imagine the next paradigm, for it is hurtling toward us and we must be prepared.  It is the One Truth.  The Earth will be a garden!  Let the lights of imagination illuminate this fast-approaching era.  The beauty of Shambhala inspires us to free the Mind from oppressive fixed forms, awakening us to the creative power that emerges when the Individual and the Collective become One, achieving a oneness beyond artificial duality. 

“The Addict” struggles to fend off the sense of powerlessness that duality brings.  The desire to control becomes overwhelming, leading inevitably to the complete distortion of life. But duality cannot be resolved by force.  Duality must be healed.  It is healed by the clarity that comes with a balanced, compassionate approach to life–caring for one another, inspiring one another, asking for help when it is needed.  In an environment of enlightened interdependence, all duality becomes a minor concern.  The engaged and balanced human being is tormented no longer.  The addiction to control has passed.  The blessings of Shambhala are without number.

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